Furniture Packages in Leeds

Statistics show that furnished properties let a lot faster than properties that are left unfurnished. In fact certain properties will simply not let unless they are furnished, such as City Centre Apartments and Student Accommodation. Our furniture packages in Leeds start at £1,999.00.

City Centre Furniture Packs

Living in the City Centre is highly sought after as it offers contemporary, stylish living in the many popular apartment blocks that Leeds has to offer. This means that City Centre properties has a lot to live up to in terms of reputation, when applicant’s are seeing properties which are all fairly similar in size, price and location the furniture is most definitely a selling point. 

As an agent with a large portfolio of City Centre apartments, we understand the importance of what new tenants are looking for and their expectations when searching for a home in the City Centre. This is why we put time and effort into supplying the best and most stylish furniture for studios, 1, 2 and 3 bedroom flats in the City Centre. Our Furniture Pack range is modern and durable and includes a matching Kitchen pack. 


Student Furniture Packs

A vast majority of our clients are students whom have lived in student residences in years previous. Student residences are not as they once were (basic and uninteresting) they are now completed to a high standard and are extremely attractive and desirable. Students look for similar housing in their 2nd, 3rd and final years of university life and the furniture is definitely something that can sway a decision as they too seek modern furniture that meets their study and leisure requirements.  

Our student furniture packs are available for any number of bedrooms from 1 to 10+ rooms and are extremely cost-effective and contain high quality modern furniture that will draw attraction and get you the possible highest rent. 


Interior Design Service

Want to make your property stand out amongst the thousands of properties offered to rent in Leeds? Then why not use our affordable interior design service to add that special touch to your property and make it pop in a very demanding market.

We offer free quotes for full refurbishments and will also oversee all works whilst they are in progress, offering you peace of mind and the knowledge that trained professionals are looking after you and your property.

Please complete the FORM  on the right and tell us about your furniture and interior design service.

So why not leave it to us? Avoid all of the hassle of seeking materials, measurements, waiting for deliveries and even building the furniture.  We will be sure to impress not only yourselves as property owners but all those that view your properties in the future!